FHX Royale S1

FHX Royale S1 v.1.0 — Private Server Clash Royale

Premium Private Server Clash Royale – FHX! Download the server and get all the cards from Clash Royale.

On a private server there will not be any limitations, you will have a lot of gold and gems. This server is modified, so you will have an unlimited number of elixir. You can open all the chests that are in Clash Royale, and get all possible cards.

As far as you know, there is no professional software that can create a server for playing Clash Royale. Unlike Clash of Clans, for which there is such a program, we did everything from scratch to Clash Royale! To begin with, we have created a weak server, which will run FHX Royale v.1.0, look at the load and will expand in the near future.

Our private server icon Clash Royale, will be as follows:


After successfully installing and running FHX Royale, you will be available a large amount of gold and gems. Also you can create your clan and participate in friendly battles.

FHX Private Server

Privilege FHX royale

  • Gold: 100 000 000
  • Gems: 100 000 000
  • Create Clan
  • Free Chest
  • Free Gems

Download FHX Royale

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