FHX Royale S5 (beta) – heroes and new cards (new Clash Royale server)

Here is presented private FHX Royale S5 modified server with new cards and heroes. The king of barbarians and the queen of archers have been added. Besides you have an opportunity to play with individual cards.

We are glad to present you a new server which will continue its further development. This is just the start and we have already done a lot which will help us in the future. Our server was created more than year ago and we are ready to continue its improvement and we’ll create an ideal server.

FHX Royale S5 (beta)

Barbarian King - FHX Royale S5b Archer Queen - FHX Royale S5b

The heroes were added to FHX Royale S5 server, as you can see. And they are taken from the source game files, which were compiled and implemented on our server. At the moment it has average statistical data, we will adjust it in the future.

New cards on FHX Royale S5 server

New Cards on the server Clash Royale

All new and up-to-date cards have been added to the server and you can open them completely for free. You have an unlimited precious crystal amount for this. Two top left cards are located in the screenshot above – these are the heroes. We decided to keep the original icons, which were left in the files by developers. The last card added is the robbers and lava golem, which was also found in the original Clash Royale files.

FHX Royale S5 server advantage

  • Modified cards;
  • New cards (Robbers, Barbarians King, Archers Queen, etc.); 
  • Unlimited gems number;
  • Free Super Magical, Magical, huge chests;
  • 2 vs 2 battle;

Download ptivate Server FHX Royale S5b

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